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Restore the grandeur of the fifth sense and dive into the world of perfume while playing the MASTER PARFUMS ® educational games. Stimulate your sense of smell and your creativity, and “discover what your nose knows”!

The games are intended for amateurs at all levels, from neophytes to perfume enthusiasts. They will allow the former to learn about perfume culture and the latter to test and maybe even deepen their knowledge. Master Parfums® exists in french version and english version.

The games will stimulate your olfactory memory, and also help you discover a simple and efficient vocabulary to let you easily describe and express your olfactory emotions.

The games are an ideal gift for perfume enthusiasts who are always searching for new ways to explore their passion. Gift recipients might be inspired to share their passion and to pass on a Master Parfums game to their friends and family.

The games will also allow students and members of the profession to challenge their knowledge and even deepen their expertise.


Création : Anne-Laure Hennequin

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